Christmas 2022

We wish you all a joyful Christmas and a peaceful 2023!

We have the premise to build!

News for 2023 in sight: AR.TRADE expands!

New line of jack pads

On September 13, 2022, we will introduce the new line of pads


Founded in 2004, AR.Trade s.r.l. is a trading company operating in the sector of rubber items, in particular wheels for manual handling, pads, and accessories for garage equipment, bumpers for commercial vehicles, road safety equipment and more.

We have always been a dynamic player in the search for new products, proposing innovative solutions able to adapt to the needs and budgets of our customers, thus obtaining in a short time a wide national and European recognition.

Over the years, we have constantly expanded our range by responding quickly to market demands, offering both import and national customized production solutions.
Our always present sales department, the simplicity of the operational structure, and the direct involvement of the owners allow speed in decision making, availability, and flexibility that translate into a better service.

AR.Trade s.r.l. products are suitable for the industrial and civil sector, for construction, and for public administrations.
The main objective is to increase safety not only on roads, highways, and construction sites but also internal environments, flat complexes, factories, garages, parking lots, and warehouses according to the new concepts of safety and the needs of employees, which are interpreted by listening to manufacturers and operators to anticipate the changes and the expected responses of the market.

Wheels and castors

Standard, elastic rubber wheels, Polyurethane wheels, cast iron wheels


Pneumatic wheel

Foam wheels and wheel barrow, Pneumatic wheel barrow, Set: tyre and tube


Solid rubber rings


Rubber buffers

Buffers and bumpers, Garage equipment, Rubber items


Safety road and traffic

Dock bumpers, Car stop, Speed bumps, Channel cable protectors ...


Accessories - logistics and hand trolley

Platform hand truck, Hand trolley, Flower stand, Rubber mats and sheets, Protection bumpers