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The AR. Trade Srl has been operating since 2004 in the sector of rings and wheels for manual handling, and rubber pads for lifts, buffers for trucks and speed bumps.

We are able to offer products both import and national production customized on demand, by satisfying the requirements of our customers for quality and price.

The simplicity of our structure and the direct involvement of the property allows quickly decisions, availability and flexibility that translates into better service.

Wheels and castors

Standard, elastic rubber wheels, Polyurethane wheels, cast iron wheels


Pneumatic wheel

Foam wheels and wheel barrow, Pneumatic wheel barrow, Set: tyre and tube


Solid rubber rings


Rubber buffers

Buffers and bumpers, Garage equipment, Rubber items


Safety road and traffic

Dock bumpers, Car stop, Speed bumps, Channel cable protectors ...


Hand trolley

Platform hand truck, Hand trolley, Flower stand